Our Story

A Little Background

Beak & Trunk is a family-owned and family-run business founded in NYC in 2015 with the goal of creating modern adult fashion, designed to stimulate an infant's brain, promote growth and development, and nurture more loving bonds between parents and their kids. As young parents themselves, the founders were lucky to have been surrounded by the love and support of friends, family and a community of childhood educators and healthcare professionals who helped ease the transition into parenthood and enlighten them on core development topics that would eventually form the foundation of their business.

Research Behind Our Products

Babies' brains are continually shaped from their very first moments. Growth happens at a rapid pace when the hundreds of billions of neurons, those lively cells in our brains, connect with one another. The more often this happens, the smarter your child becomes. There are numerous ways to encourage this development and early on kids mostly use their eyes to discover the world around them. As you can imagine, with all that is new to them, babies are often overwhelmed by the overload of stimulation within their environments. One simple way to ease this obstruction and allow them to grow and develop is to introduce them to high-contrast, geometric shapes and patterns. When they focus on these visuals, it allows their minds to rest so that they are better able to process the information. For the first few weeks of their lives they are unable to perceive intense colors, therefore black and white images provide the most effective way to accomplish this. It does take time though, as their eyes and brains continue to development until the age of two.

During this critical time, many hours are spent holding, caring, feeding and loving your child. That closeness lends itself well to the research behind attachment parenting that suggests an infant instinctively seeks the closeness of a secure attachment figure in order to feel safe and emotionally sound. To that end, while holding an infant, they will fixate on specific designs within 8-10 inches from their eyes.

After recognizing the importance of both these ideas the founders began taping high contrast images onto their clothing to test the idea out and it was a success. As modern parents, they set out to create a fusion between modern adult fashion, baby development and philanthropy. Beak & Trunk was born shortly thereafter.